Tips&TricksSolving the four threes: How perception and memory can crack the infamous math puzzle

Solving the four threes: How perception and memory can crack the infamous math puzzle

This mathematical equation can be confusing.
This mathematical equation can be confusing.
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11:01 AM EST, January 25, 2024

Mathematics is a rather challenging field of science. It has daunted many fearless individuals. We were all taught how to solve operations and equations, with the example discussed above originating from a basic primary school textbook. The concept of four threes can be daunting, but remember, it's all about perception. How will you begin solving this complex equation?

Solving the equation comprised of four threes

If you find yourself studying the diagram and scratching your head, you're on the right track to deciphering this mathematical riddle. Engaging your cognitive abilities is no small task, especially if they're not regularly trained. Not many people possess the energy, determination, or time for this because a lot of people dislike math. We'd rather count only money and navigate websites or binge-watch series, rather than work on improving our intellect. Consequently, we struggle to think logically, yet this process is not painful at all!

The equation composed of four threes has overwhelmed many math enthusiasts, which is not surprising. A substantial quantity of identical numbers leads us to lose awareness, and math is unforgiving of the smallest errors. As a result, we end up providing the incorrect answer and, more often than not, disputing with others about the correct solution. This mindset towards the above equation leads to nowhere as it obscures the fundamental mathematical principles that can help us resolve any operation effortlessly and without stress.

What is the accurate solution to this equation?

Firstly, contemplate how to approach the equation "3 - 3 × 3 + 3 = ?" and for the best results, manually rewrite it on a piece of paper. You need to jog your memory and recall your school math lessons, particularly the correct sequence of executing mathematical operations. This knowledge will make the puzzle significantly easier. What's the starting point for the operations involving three? Spare a moment and ponder this because the most frequently obtained results of the equation are 3 or 0, which are incorrect!

As per mathematical rules, you should commence the calculations with the multiplication operation, which is prioritized over addition and subtraction. This changes the equation to "3 - 9 + 3 = ?", which seems much more manageable. The word should is crucial here because many people overlook that equations must be solved from left to right.

Undoubtedly, several people will argue that you can't subtract nine from three, but there's actually no barrier to this! The intricate equation transforms into "-6 + 3 = ?", and the answer should spring up instantly, with no need for further thought. The correct answer is -3!

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