SportsSoccer legend Cafu fights back: Claims $25 million villa sale unlawful

Soccer legend Cafu fights back: Claims $25 million villa sale unlawful

In the picture: Cafu
In the picture: Cafu
Images source: © Getty Images | Eurasia Sport Images
3:56 PM EST, December 8, 2023

Legendary footballer Cafu's Sao Paulo villa was recently auctioned for $25 million to alleviate his mounting debts. But according to the star's attorney, the auction was illegitimate, and Cafu, 53, remains the lawful owner.

Cafu had a celebrated career as one of the top right-side defenders in global football. His skill helped him secure numerous prestigious titles.

However, like many athletes, Cafu's transition into retirement has not been smooth. His accumulated debts have been a consistent source of strife for the Brazilian star.

As early as 2019, Folha de S.Paulo reported that Cafu's debts totaled several million dollars, stemming from an unsuccessful investment in a management agency. This led him to sell five houses and consider selling 15 other properties where he had previously invested.

Now, four years on, R7 Esporte portal claims the Sao Paulo villa has gone under the hammer. Cafu reportedly earned $25 million from the sale, despite his debt being an estimated $11 million. His legal representative has confirmed the auction but contends that it was unlawful.

"The auction was completely illegal. We won't even appeal because the judge didn't sanction it," admitted Ricardo Sewaybrick.

Yet again, an error on Cafu's part has led to difficulties. This time, he placed trust in a Sao Paulo business tycoon, leading to a loan that eventually resulted in debt.

"I have a problem with debt. But I will manage it through diligent work and commitment. I have always refused to let problems overtake me," Cafu admitted in an interview with RecordTV.

The future of the villa remains uncertain at this time. Despite the auction, Cafu remains in possession of the property. If the auction is indeed found to be illegal, it may lead to further legal proceedings.

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