Tips&TricksSnubbed Shanghai mom leaves $2.8 million inheritance to veterinary clinic, not kids

Snubbed Shanghai mom leaves $2.8 million inheritance to veterinary clinic, not kids

The senior lady is writing on the computer.
The senior lady is writing on the computer.
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1:51 PM EST, January 27, 2024

Sorting out one's affairs during our lifetime is paramount, with many facing a significant dilemma over who should inherit their wealth. Drafting a will is the ideal solution for those blessed with loving children. However, circumstances can vary, with children not always deserving of their inheritance. This was the situation for a resident of Shanghai, whose estate is valued at a staggering $2.8 million!

Will by Chinese woman shocks many

The woman, residing in China, held a substantial estate, initially bequeathed to her children. However, as years went by and she aged, she began questioning whether this was a wise decision, given her children had seemingly forgotten about her. They neither visited their mother nor showed her any attention - a stark contrast to the affectionate behavior of her pets.

The only companionship in her life came from her cherished pets, with whom she felt a strong bond. Hence, she decided to revise her will. Instead of gifting her children the $2.8 million, she left it to a local veterinary clinic. As Chinese inheritance law doesn't permit assets to be solely bequeathed to pets, she had to designate a trusted person to ensure the proper use of the legacy. According to her will, her children will receive nothing, which understandably shocked many.

Is it possible to include animals in a will?

The desire of the Shanghai residents is not unique. Many wealthy and famous people have already included their beloved pets in their wills. A prime example is Alexander McQueen, who, following his demise in 2010, left his dogs' inheritance of approximately $20 million. Similarly, American Leona Helmsley left about $10 million for her Maltese in a trust fund.

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