AutosSnow test showdown: BMW 320d outperforms Audi A4 40 TDI in icy conditions

Snow test showdown: BMW 320d outperforms Audi A4 40 TDI in icy conditions

Duel of front-wheel and rear-wheel drive cars
Duel of front-wheel and rear-wheel drive cars
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11:41 AM EST, December 18, 2023

In a bid to eliminate any potential bias accusations, the vehicles chosen for this comparison are remarkably similar in parameters. These are the Audi A4 40 TDI and the BMW 320d. Both sporting longitudinal engines with identical capacity, power, and torque and are fitted with automatic gearboxes.

Moreover, both vehicles have identical tire sizes making their designs a closely matched rivalry. The exact same tires were used for both cars during testing. The singular contrasting factor lies in the drive: front in the Audi and rear in the BMW.

The Results of the Comparison

The testers evaluated the cars across several tests beginning with acceleration. With the traction control systems activated, it was a challenge to declare a victor. However, upon deactivating them, the rear-driven BMW began to take the lead. The subsequent test was an attempt to ascend a snowy slope. And once again, the BMW triumphed over its competitor. In some cases, the Audi struggled to even kickstart.

While circling, it wasn't possible to ascertain a definitive winner, but a timed test on a circuit allowed for clear judgment. The outcome might surprise you, but we'll leave it for you to discover.

Audi FWD VS BMW RWD - The Ultimate Test on Snow! ❄️

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