EntertainmentSnoop Dogg's smokeless fireplace campaign fizzles out, leaving only rapper in profit

Snoop Dogg's smokeless fireplace campaign fizzles out, leaving only rapper in profit

Snoop Dogg did not bring profits.
Snoop Dogg did not bring profits.
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6:01 AM EST, January 17, 2024

Snoop Dogg is a renowned American rapper. He's celebrated for his hit singles like "Drop It Like It's Hot," "Still D.R.E.," and "Bad Boys." One distinctive aspect of the rapper's persona is his widely known marijuana smoking habits. This led a company to align its marketing strategy with Snoop Dogg's image, inviting him to collaborate. Despite the buzz created by the ad production, the campaign ended up being a dud.

Snoop Dogg's Collaboration Didn't Lead to Profits

In November 2023, Solo Stove partnered with Snoop Dogg. The brand, which excels in producing smokeless fireplaces, perceived their collaboration with the rapper, who was publicizing his quitting of smoking, as a masterstroke. This marketing move created a stir across the internet. It incited widespread discussions about Snoop Dogg's supposed departure from marijuana.

Regrettably, Solo Stove acknowledges that the marketing campaign did not result in profits for the company. In the aftermath, John Merris, who spearheaded the campaign, was let go due to the ad's failure. Christopher Metz replaced him. Internet users' reactions varied, with some commenting, "The idea to attract notice was incredibly cool, but a potential smokeless fireplace customer probably isn't interested in Snoop Dogg. The concept was good, but it misjudged their target audience"; "Brilliant ad, inadequate product"; "Snoop Dogg probably forgot to bill them, so they didn't lose much".

Source: Rolling Stone

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