TechSmartphone obsolescence sparks retro electronics boom

Smartphone obsolescence sparks retro electronics boom

Pegasus Console
Pegasus Console
Images source: © East News | Monkpress

9:11 AM EDT, June 20, 2024

Continuous technological advancements make smartphones seem outdated and unfashionable after just two years. However, the sentiment for retro electronics remains strong. Check if you have these devices at home because they could be worth a fortune on the collectors' market.

There is a popular internet joke about finding a Nokia 3310 that still has a working battery after 20 years. This joke highlights the durability of older electronics, which are much more resilient than today's devices. It's no coincidence that mobile phones, music players, and monitors from 20 years ago are regaining popularity. Our journalist, Adam Gaafar, took a closer look at them.

Nokia 6310

Nokia 6310i
Nokia 6310i© Wikimedia Commons | Martinz6492

The iconic Nokia 3310 is now recognizable by everyone. However, you cannot expect significant profit from its sale - its current value is around $12. More valuable is the Nokia 6310, a premium product during its heyday. New units of the Nokia 6310i, from the business phone series, can now be sold at auctions for around $75.

CRT Monitor

CRT Monitor
CRT Monitor© Press materials | All About Apple museum

Older CRT monitors and televisions are also experiencing a renaissance. Gamers particularly value them because modern LCD monitors do not provide comparable experiences. Due to their decreasing availability, their value is rising.

Karol Kołtowski writes, "CRT monitors are appreciated because classic consoles like PlayStation, NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, or Commodore 64 were designed with these screens in mind." Currently, they can fetch even several hundred dollars.


iPod special edition U2
iPod special edition U2© Getty Images | Kim Kulish

Another sought-after device is the classic iPod. A few years ago, models such as Nano, Shuffle, or Touch were sold on eBay for around $50. The iPod Classic 160 GB fetches prices between $95 and $150. However, the most valuable models are from the limited U2 edition - for a complete set in good condition, you can ask for over $400.


Sony Walkman with radio
Sony Walkman with radio© East News | Dawid Tatarkiewicz

Walkmans, portable cassette players, debuted in 1979. Today, original Sony models can fetch significant sums. Their auction prices range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. For example, on eBay, you can see a Sony Minidisc Walkman No.1 listed for $100.

Pegasus console

Pegasus console
Pegasus console© East News | Monkpress

In the 1990s, the 8-bit Pegasus console, a copy of the Japanese NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), was the gateway to video games for many Poles. This console debuted in 1991. Today, an original Pegasus IQ-502 is available at auctions for around $100 to $200, usually with a set of games.

Game Boy

Game Boy Advance
Game Boy Advance© CC BY-SA 3.0 | Zeartul

During the same period, Nintendo's portable Game Boy console debuted in 1989 was also popular. Versions like the Game Boy Pocket from 1996 or the Game Boy Color from 1998 are sold for over $100. Meanwhile, a packaged Game Boy Classic from 1989 can cost hundreds of dollars on eBay.

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