NewsSmart laundry: tips to cut costs and save the planet

Smart laundry: tips to cut costs and save the planet

Here's a simple trick on how to save on laundry
Here's a simple trick on how to save on laundry
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12:41 PM EDT, May 19, 2024

The washing machine is one of our homes' most frequently used appliances. Every day, it washes clothes, bedding, or footwear. Its operation is so simple that many people set the programs almost reflexively without considering the consequences of their choices, and that can be costly.

The washing machine has become an indispensable element of modern households. It enables the convenient and efficient cleaning of clothes, bedding, and other textiles, saving time and effort compared to traditional hand washing.

Modern washing machines are equipped with numerous programs tailored to different fabrics and degrees of soiling, allowing for gentle washing of materials that require special care and effective removal of tough stains.

The average washing machine at home has a power of about 650 watts. If a regular wash cycle lasts one hour, the electricity consumption is approximately 0.65 kWh. However, depending on the model of the washing machine, consumption can range from 0.65 to 1 kWh per wash.

saving on laundry? it's possible

Many people make the mistake of choosing a washing program at a temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Although it is a popular choice, heating the water to 104 degrees consumes twice as much electricity as heating it to 86 degrees. Washing at a lower temperature can be equally effective and significantly cheaper. An 18-degree difference translates into real savings in the household budget.

It is also worth knowing that delicate fabric programs use the most water, which increases bills. Additionally, washing delicate fabrics releases more microfibers into the water as microplastics, harming the environment. Choosing programs that use less water is therefore beneficial not only financially but also environmentally.

Moreover, overloading the washing machine reduces washing efficiency and increases energy consumption. It is worth running the washing machine only when it is full but not overloaded. Washing several items at once is more economical than frequently washing small amounts of clothes.

The washing machine's efficiency is also increased by regular descaling and maintaining its technical condition. Limescale that builds up on the heater makes it difficult to heat the water, increasing energy consumption. Regular cleaning of the washing machine helps to avoid unnecessary repair costs.

Conscious use of the washing machine can bring significant savings and positively impact the environment. We can reduce electricity and water bills by choosing the right programs, maintaining the machine, and avoiding overloading the drum. Such actions are easy to implement and bring measurable benefits in the long run. A responsible approach to laundry benefits our wallet and the planet.

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