Tips&TricksSmart hacks to accurately measure your child's foot size for the perfect shoe fit

Smart hacks to accurately measure your child's foot size for the perfect shoe fit

The child stands in shoes on the carpet
The child stands in shoes on the carpet
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11:17 AM EST, January 26, 2024

Finding the right pair of shoes for children can sometimes be stressful due to the constant increase in their foot size. It's important to note that a child's foot should be properly measured before purchasing shoes. You might choose to purchase shoes without checking the dimensions of the child's foot, but this often leads to acquiring uncomfortably small shoes. A toddler typically lacks the ability to ascertain if a pair of shoes fit them accurately in a store. Therefore, the best solution is to preemptively measure their foot. There are several useful methods that you can utilize!

Employ the wall trick

Although numerous techniques exist to measure a child's foot effectively, the proven and reliable one is the wall trick. Mostly suitable for children who can stand independently, you need to place a sheet of graph paper against a wall in your home. Ensure the paper fits perfectly against the wall. Now you can place your child against this wall, making sure there's a right angle behind their heel. Mark the length of the longest toe for both feet and measure the distance from the wall to the longest toe. Please remember, it's natural for feet to vary slightly in length. If the feet are different sizes, consider the length of the larger foot while choosing shoes.

Measure the foot using a box or sheets of paper and a marker

A quick and easy method to find the length of your child's foot involves using a cardboard box. Have your child place their foot inside the box, ensuring their heel touches one end. Mark the end of the longest toe with a pen, then measure the entire foot length with a measuring tape. Repeat this for the other foot. An alternative approach involves spreading a sheet of paper on the ground and marking around your child's foot. It's best to tackle one foot at a time. Measure the outline of the foot from the furthest point on the heel to the furthest point at the toes to get the ideal size.

The stick method

The final foot measuring trick involves using a stick. Usable items could be a cotton swab stick, a twig, or a lollipop stick. Cut the stick to match your child's foot length and use this when shopping as a measure for the shoe's sole. This method, however, may not always be precise. Therefore, it is recommended to also have your child try on the shoes at the store.

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