LifestyleSlug-infested garden? Try these foolproof tricks to save your plants

Slug-infested garden? Try these foolproof tricks to save your plants

How to get rid of slugs from the garden?
How to get rid of slugs from the garden?
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7:04 PM EDT, June 2, 2024, updated: 5:07 AM EDT, June 3, 2024

Do you have a plague of shell-less snails in your garden? These are slugs, one of the most voracious species of snails. How do you get rid of these pests? Use a product you can buy at any store, and the slugs will flee in panic.

Slugs are snails from the family Limacidae. Unlike other members of their species, they do not have a shell.

What do slugs feed on? Mushrooms, fruits, and vegetables. They particularly like cabbage and lettuce. In a short time, they can severely damage crops and, in extreme cases, even cause plants to die. How do you get rid of slugs from your garden? Learn a simple way.

One of the most voracious snails: The bane of every gardener

Slugs are large, shell-less snails. Depending on the species, they can be black, brown, or even yellowish. They can reach 2 inches to 8 inches in length. Slugs appear in plots, gardens, greenhouses, polytunnels, and garden frames, searching for food in these areas.

What do slugs feed on? Mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, and also small insects. They feed on roots, as well as tubers and leaves. They are nocturnal, which is why they are so hard to notice.

Place near beds. slugs won’t even come close

Slugs are an invasive species. They reproduce in spring and summer. They do not need a male for this, as slugs are hermaphrodites. During a single season, they lay dozens of eggs, which hatch after 4-5 weeks. If you do not remove them from your garden, you could have a real pest invasion.

How to do it? Try one of the natural, cheap, and safe methods. You only need one thing — a grapefruit. For some reason, slugs love the smell of this citrus. Place it next to the beds and leave it there overnight. The snails will gather around the grapefruit. The next day, wear gloves, collect the pests, and remove them from the garden.

If this method does not work, get some self-adhesive copper tape. You can buy it at any garden store and online. Stick it on fences, pots, and seed trays. Slugs fear copper because they experience a mild shock when in contact with the material. It is a simple way to keep snails out of the garden for good.

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