NewsSlovaks engage in massive street protest: "You won't get away with this"

Slovaks engage in massive street protest: "You won't get away with this"

Protest in Bratislava
Protest in Bratislava
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1:18 PM EST, December 8, 2023

The Slovak opposition organized a protest against the administration of Prime Minister Robert Fico on Thursday in Freedom Square, Bratislava. Thousands of people participated in the demonstration, energetically chanting "Enough Fico," while carrying placards that read "We will not be silent," and "You won't get away with this." The demonstration was held in response to the newly revealed plans of the government coalition to dissolve the Special Prosecutor's Office.

"Fico is attempting to exert control over public media along with other state institutions," warned Michal Šimečka, the chairman of the opposition party Progressive Slovakia (PS), terming it as the "Orbán recipe." This comparison contrasts Fico's policy approach to that of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

"Fico might have anticipated that he could take us by surprise with his swift and ruthless dismantling of the rule of law. However, he is mistaken. We love Slovakia, and we will staunchly defend it, both now and in the future," Šimečka emphasized. "Fico's motivations do not include Slovakia's welfare. His pursuits center around retaining power and ensuring his own impunity," the opposition leader added.

Other speakers accused Fico of an intention to undermine democracy to prolong his hold on power. Furthermore, the PS chairman announced the organization of more protests in the future.

Termination of the Special Prosecutor's Office

This week, the Sméru, Hlasu, and Slovak National Party government coalition proposed the dissolution of the Special Prosecutor's Office. Slovak media reports indicate that, from January 15, 2024, all case files will be transferred to the General Prosecutor's Office, which is run by Maroš Žilinka.

The responsibilities of the Special Prosecutor's Office extended beyond supervising the legality of actions prior to initiating criminal proceedings. In addition, it continued this oversight during preparatory proceedings. It played a key role in the pursuit of individuals suspected of involvement in criminal groups, corruption, abuse of power by public officials, financial crimes, terrorism, and extremism.

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