NewsSlovak PM Fico moved to Bratislava after the assassination attempt

Slovak PM Fico moved to Bratislava after the assassination attempt

Robert Fico
Robert Fico
Images source: © East News | Blondet Eliot/ABACA

9:49 AM EDT, May 31, 2024

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico was transported from the hospital in Banská Bystrica to Bratislava on Thursday evening, as confirmed by the clinic. There is no official information on where he will receive further treatment and rehabilitation. Media reports suggest he is either at his apartment or St. Michael's Hospital in the capital city.

The media reported that the injured prime minister was transported by helicopter to Bratislava. Miriam Lapunikova, the hospital director, confirmed his discharge from the facility where he was taken directly after the assassination attempt on May 15. She did not specify where Fico's further treatment will take place.

Some media outlets reported that the injured person was taken to St. Michael's Clinic in Bratislava, where Slovak government members have previously been hospitalized.

According to other sources, the prime minister was transported to his apartment in the capital. One television station reported increased activity of security and police officers around the apartment building where the prime minister lives.

The prime minister was shot by 71-year-old Juraj C., who justified his act by saying that he disagreed with the government's policies. He was immediately apprehended after the assassination attempt. For the attempted murder with premeditation, he faces 25 years in prison or life imprisonment.

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