LifestyleSleeping with your feline friend? Here's why your cat's cuddling is a sign of trust and safety

Sleeping with your feline friend? Here's why your cat's cuddling is a sign of trust and safety

Is the cat sleeping on you? It's giving you a sign.
Is the cat sleeping on you? It's giving you a sign.
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9:11 AM EST, January 20, 2024

Cats are one of the most favored pets. Despite being predators, and despite some people's fear that they might pose a danger to humans, cats usually establish friendly relationships with humans. The notion that cats prefer solitude is a myth. Cats enjoy human company. So, what is the implication when they want to sleep with us?

If your cat wants to sleep with you, it's a sign

Cats sleep, on average, for around 15-20 hours a day. They choose different places to sleep, humans included. So, if your cat wants to sleep with you or on you, you should feel honored. It means your cat feels safe with you.

Being predators, cats are always on guard for danger. When they need to rest, they seek the safest place possible. In a household, that safe haven can often be their human companion. If your cat sleeps on you - whether it be on your legs, knees or stomach, they are as close to you as they were to their mother. In early life stages, their mother is a consistent source of safety and security. As they grow older and their mother is no longer present, you, their guardian, become their source of safety.

What does it mean when a cat is sleeping on my stomach?

On the stomach, on the head, on the knees, or on the legs. When sleeping with a human, cats usually prefer one of these four spots. Each location can mean something different.

  1. A cat sleeping on my stomach - signifies the cat's comfort with you and its desire for closeness. During their growing period, kittens often sleep next to their siblings for a sense of security. Your rhythmic breathing and steady heartbeat help them fall asleep.
  2. A cat sleeping on my head - it indicates a desire for proximity. The head moves the least during sleep, providing additional comfort. The presence of your eyes can also be crucial, allowing the cat to share eye contact and communicate unless both of you are asleep.
  3. A cat sleeping on my knees or legs - this is believed to signify the cat's need for a safe rest. While no detailed studies on this theory are available yet, it is generally believed that such a behavior indicates that your feline friend might need a tad more attention and affection.
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