Tips&TricksSleeping on the right side may harm your health, experts suggest left side as the ideal position

Sleeping on the right side may harm your health, experts suggest left side as the ideal position

The woman sleeping on her right side.
The woman sleeping on her right side.
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11:02 AM EST, February 10, 2024

Good quality sleep plays a critical role in maintaining our health. It's vital to note that sleep rejuvenates, ensuring the good functioning of numerous bodily systems. Regular, adequate sleep is of great importance, as it influences a multitude of hormonal processes. Scientists reveal that the position in which we fall asleep holds great significance for our relaxation and health. Some prefer sleeping on their back, others on their stomach, yet some choose to slumber on their sides. However, experts discourage sleeping on your right side. What are the potential repercussions of often adopting this sleep position?

What are the drawbacks of sleeping on your right side?

Experts suggest that sleeping on your right side places a substantial burden on the heart. This is due to the positioning of the aorta, which takes a leftward bend; hence, sleeping on the right side compels blood flow upward, counteracting gravity. In addition, sleeping on the right side may lead to heartburn as the stomach presses on the pancreas, affecting the movement of stomach acids.

Sleeping in this position may also trigger digestive issues. When we sleep on our right side, we unintentionally exert pressure on our intestines. This occurs because these organs perform a considerable amount of their work on the body's right side. This side also hosts the ileocecal valve, accountable for transporting metabolic wastes from the intestines.

Which sleep position is most beneficial to your health?

Various experts commend the left side as the most beneficial sleeping position. This comfortable pose offers numerous health benefits. It's especially advantageous for individuals suffering from heart diseases and pregnant women. There's a clear rationale behind this as the heart operates more efficiently when we sleep on our left side. In this position, blood pumping upwards from below isn't hindered. The pancreas also functions well in this position, as it isn't under pressure from the stomach. Moreover, the lymphatic flow process improves since the majority of the lymphatic system resides on the left side.

It's worth highlighting that sleeping on the left side optimizes the digestive processes in our bodies. Effectively, food waste moves more efficiently from the small intestine to the large one, mitigating issues such as reflux. Moreover, routine sleep on the left side alleviates pressure from the spine.

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