LifestyleSleeping in underwear: Health insights from experts

Sleeping in underwear: Health insights from experts

Is it better to sleep in underwear, or should we forgo it?
Is it better to sleep in underwear, or should we forgo it?
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2:04 PM EDT, June 11, 2024

Is it better to sleep in underwear, or should we do without it during sleep? Specialists have addressed this question and answered what is healthiest for our bodies. They have no doubts about it.

Pajamas, nightshirts, just underwear, or maybe sleeping naked? On warm summer nights, many people wonder if any health reasons could suggest certain limitations regarding wearing underwear during sleep. In most cases, what we choose to sleep in does not affect our health. However, there are exceptions worth knowing about. Gynecologists have conducted studies that have led to conclusions on this topic.

Should we sleep in underwear?

If we decide to wear underwear at night, choosing those made of natural materials such as cotton or silk is worth choosing. These fabrics allow the skin to breathe. Choosing loose-fitting underwear is also a good idea. But why consider sleeping without underwear?

Women who frequently experience yeast infections, itching, and irritation should avoid wearing underwear at night. Dr. Alyssa Dweck, Clinical Instructor at the Icahn School of Medicine in New York, emphasized that sleeping in the wrong underwear can contribute to the growth of yeast and bacteria, which thrive in warm, moist, and dark environments.

During the day, intimate areas are often covered with tight clothing made of synthetic materials. Sweaty leggings or exercise pants, as well as contact with sanitary pads or liners, can contribute to vaginal irritation and the development of infections. Sleeping without underwear can bring significant relief. Dr. Barbara Karyta explained in an interview with Medonet:

- Avoid wearing tight clothing and choose underwear that is skin-friendly and made of natural fabrics. Breathable material will ensure that intimate areas remain dry, and we will also prevent overheating and sweating. At night, allow yourself a bit of freedom and breathing for intimate areas. Sleep without underwear. Underwear, especially synthetic, hinders air flow and increases temperature, which encourages the growth of pathogens, especially in women who are prone to this.

Men and sleeping in underwear

A study published in the journal Andrology examined whether there is any connection between the type of underwear men wear and their ability to conceive a child.

The study was conducted on nearly 500 men who specified their underwear choice both during the day and at night. It was found that whether they wear briefs, boxers, or no underwear at all does not affect their fertility. Therefore, men should wear the underwear in which they feel most comfortable.

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