Tips&TricksSlash your water bills with this simple toilet tank hack: How a plastic bottle can save your finances

Slash your water bills with this simple toilet tank hack: How a plastic bottle can save your finances

My water bills have never been so low.
My water bills have never been so low.
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11:56 AM EST, January 25, 2024

High inflation is becoming a mainstay, leading to our budgets draining faster than the accumulating snow outside our window. We spend more in every area of our lives. The most dreaded expenses are the unavoidable bills like water, electricity, and gas. However, small changes and smart solutions can save you a substantial amount on your water bills.

How can we lower our water bills?

Most of us do not realize how much water we use every day. It's only when the bill arrives that we start pondering where and how such a large quantity of water was consumed. The key lies in small details often overlooked but that play a significant role in water consumption.

We can significantly impact these overwhelming costs with just a few changes in our habits and customs. For example, switching from taking baths to showers, which are much healthier and cheaper. Instead of washing dishes by hand several times a day, use an economical dishwasher, which not only cleans our dishes but also lowers our bills. The toilet is another sizeable water consuming item.

Decrease your water bills by placing a bottle in your toilet tank!

Flushing toilets is necessary for hygiene, so we can't simply give it up. Modern toilet tanks have two flushing options: low and high volume. Set accordingly, you can regulate your water consumption if your bills are too high. However, many toilets still only have a single button, so your control over the volume of water is limited. In such cases, all that's left to do is find a plastic bottle with a 16.9 fl oz capacity. Simply shut off the valve leading water to the tank and drain it all out.

It then becomes much easier to place a water-filled bottle in the now empty tank. That bottle plays a significant role in dramatically reducing your water bills. But how does this work?

When you put a water-filled bottle in the toilet tank and turn the water valve back on, the tank refills with significantly less water than usual. Thanks to a 16.9 fl oz bottle, which otherwise would end up in the trash, the volume of water in the tank reduces. This directly translates into its minimal usage and results in a lower water bill.

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