Tips&TricksSlash your laundry drying time with this simple Japanese method

Slash your laundry drying time with this simple Japanese method

Japanese method of hanging laundry.
Japanese method of hanging laundry.
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5:55 AM EST, December 22, 2023

Washer-dryers are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to address the challenge of drying laundry, a process which can take hours during the fall-winter period. Wet clothes raise the room's humidity level, which if unchecked, can result in mould growth on the walls. This poses a severe health risk, particularly for those who suffer from allergies.

Fortunately, there's a solution. The Japanese method of drying laundry has gained global popularity due to its simplicity and effectiveness. This method can cut the drying time by a significant margin. Once you try it, you'll probably never go back to your old ways of hanging laundry.

Proper spinning is your ticket to success

If you want your laundry to dry as quickly as possible, don't neglect the spinning function. Double spinning is recommended during the fall-winter period. In modern washing machines, you can adjust the number of spins per minute. Maximise this feature, within reason, to expedite the drying process.

However, be mindful that excessive spinning can be harsh on your clothing. High spin rates can sometimes damage fabrics. If you're washing delicate items like blankets or shirts, it's advisable to decrease the spin frequency. To avoid overstretching your clothes, don't overload your washing machine.

The Japanese method reduces laundry drying time by half an hour

The Japanese method of drying laundry is remarkably straightforward and efficient. The method revolves around the arrangement of the laundry on the dryer. Bigger pieces of clothing should be placed on the outer edges of the dryer, with smaller and more delicate fabrics in the middle. This arrangement allows for free air circulation, shortening drying time by up to 30 minutes.

Another tip to enhance the drying process is positioning your dryer close to a heat source. Get the dryer as near to a radiator as you can. After two hours, rotate it 180 degrees. If you're in a rush, you can blow dry your clothes. Just remember to target the interior first to distribute the heat evenly.

Lastly, shaking your clothes before hanging them up is another useful method to speed up drying. Doing so will get rid of excess water from the laundry, and incidentally, smooth out the fabrics, ensuring that ironing is no longer necessary.

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