LifestyleSlash your laundry drying time with this innovative Japanese method

Slash your laundry drying time with this innovative Japanese method

How to speed up laundry drying?
How to speed up laundry drying?
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3:11 AM EST, January 19, 2024

Japan is well-known for its innovative solutions that make everyday tasks more manageable. One such innovation is their method of drying laundry. This simple trick can cut your drying time by up to half an hour. Furthermore, it is not only valuable for winter but can also save time in every season.

The Japanese method of quick laundry drying - what's the secret?

For laundry to dry relatively fast, it's crucial to have a proper spin cycle. This step is usually incorporated into each washing program. If possible, set your machine to its maximum rotation speed during the spin cycle unless you wash delicate fabrics, such as silk, or bulky items, like blankets, which could overstretch or get ruined.

The Japanese drying method is straightforward yet effective. It relies on how the laundry is hung. According to the Japanese method, laundry must be hung in a specific hierarchy. The most significant pieces should be placed on the outer edges of the drying rack. The smaller items should fill in the middle of the rack. This setup allows clothes to dry up to 30 minutes faster than hanging them randomly.

How can you accelerate laundry drying?

During the colder months, place the drying rack as close to a radiator or heat source as possible. Remember to rotate it from time to time. This practice significantly speeds up the drying process. Alternatively, using a regular hair dryer can also be helpful. It is most effective to begin drying from inside the garment. During the procedure, ensure all the openings in the clothes are "sealed" to enable the heat to distribute evenly across the fabric.

Another way to speed up drying is to shake out each garment before hanging it. This action removes leftover water from the laundry and smoothens the fabric, reducing the need for ironing afterward.

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