LifestyleSlash your bills with eco-friendly laundry tips that save money

Slash your bills with eco‑friendly laundry tips that save money

How to save money while doing laundry?
How to save money while doing laundry?
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11:49 AM EDT, April 30, 2024

We do laundry multiple times a week. Considering the costs involved, it's beneficial to explore ways to lower electricity bills. Here are some strategies for efficient and eco-friendly washing.

Small adjustments can lead to significant savings. To wash both economically and in an environmentally conscious manner, it’s crucial to identify and avoid certain costly and less eco-friendly programs.

The average washing machine has a power usage of 650 W. So, for a cycle lasting around one hour, the electricity consumption roughly equals 0.65 kWh. This number varies as different machines have diverse energy needs.

Choosing the right washing program is essential to minimizing costs. It’s especially important to avoid the delicate cycle, which uses more water and negatively impacts the environment. This setting also releases more microfibers.

Strategies for Economical Washing

Research from Newcastle University in the UK highlights that the delicate cycle releases around 1.4 million microfibers, compared to approximately 800,000 during the standard cotton wash.

Washing at 86 degrees Fahrenheit instead of 104 can also lead to energy savings, with nearly half the energy required for heating the water.

It's also wise to load the washing machine to full capacity, being careful not to exceed its limit. Avoid excessive detergent and reserve the prewash option for severely soiled garments.

Choosing the eco wash setting is another smart move. Despite its longer cycle, it reduces energy and water consumption significantly, by up to 40 percent.

Limescale accumulation can increase energy consumption by hindering efficient water heating. Regular descaling is crucial to prevent this and avoid potential damage to the appliance.

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