FoodSlash your beet cooking time in half with this simple kitchen trick

Slash your beet cooking time in half with this simple kitchen trick

Beets - Delicacies
Beets - Delicacies
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9:03 AM EST, December 14, 2023

Beets are flavorful, nutritious vegetables that can be used in many different ways. They're excellent additions to soups, salads, desserts, and many other dishes. To promote their consumption, it's valuable to know how to prepare them correctly. With this uncomplicated trick, you can significantly reduce the cooking time.

How long should you cook beets?

Young beets tend to cook quickly, but the process can take longer in the autumn and winter. The reason is that beets are larger and older during these seasons, thus requiring a longer cooking time. Cooking the beets whole, without peeling them, is essential. This way, you ensure the optimal retention of their nutritional value, vitamins, minerals, and natural color.

Traditional cooking methods for larger, older beets can take up to an hour. It's only after this prolonged period that the beets become tender and ready for use in other recipes. Interestingly, there is a method to accelerate the beet cooking process by half. This method also has the advantage of saving electricity or gas, which is definitely worth mentioning given current prices.


Quick beet cooking method

This straightforward technique requires only a few common kitchen items and a touch of creativity. You will find it to be effective in significantly reducing beet cooking times.

You will need:

Peeling beets - Delicacies
Peeling beets - Delicacies© Canva | Jane Rubtsova
  • medium-sized beets,
  • sugar,
  • a piece of whole grain bread crust,
  • two pots,
  • ice-cold water,
  • ice cubes.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Clean the beets. Give them a thorough wash under running water. Medium-sized beets work best for this method.
  2. Place the beets into a pot along with the bread crust and sugar. The ratio should be one tablespoon of sugar for every 2.2 pounds of beets.
  3. Fill the pot with boiling water, making sure it fully submerges the beets and extends approximately 0.79 inches above their surface.
  4. Simmer the beets over medium heat for 30 minutes. If the water starts to evaporate, add more as needed.
  5. After 30 minutes, strain the beets and immediately transfer them to a second pot filled with ice-cold water and ice cubes. Leave the beets to cool in this pot for 15 minutes.
  6. Remove the beets from the cold water and then peel them.
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