LifestyleSlash Dust in Your Home with This Easy DIY Fabric Softener Trick

Slash Dust in Your Home with This Easy DIY Fabric Softener Trick

The best method for settling dust - illustrative photo
The best method for settling dust - illustrative photo
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9:29 AM EDT, April 24, 2024

No matter how often we clean, dust will always find its way into our homes, settling on devices and furniture. Interestingly, a simple, homemade solution can significantly reduce this accumulation.

Dust is a mixture of tiny organic and inorganic particles and microorganisms floating in the air. It can adversely affect health, especially for those with allergies. While it's impossible to eradicate dust completely, we can minimize its presence on surfaces with the help of special agents. However, before resorting to store-bought products, consider a homemade alternative.

A simple trick to keep dust at bay

Dust comprises various elements, such as skin cells, fibers, plant material, fur, sand, and even dust mites and bacteria. Reducing dust levels is achievable through regular cleaning routines such as frequent floor mopping, thorough vacuuming, and diligent furniture dusting.

An effective strategy to deter dust involves a homemade mixture with a surprising main ingredient: fabric softener. Known for its antistatic properties, fabric softener can prevent dust from clinging to surfaces. Consistently using this solution can greatly reduce dust accumulation.

Creating your own dusting solution

Direct application of fabric softener on furniture is not advised. Instead, create a simple yet effective mixture. You'll need a spray bottle (approximately 16.9 ounces), boiled water, and fabric softener. Combine the water and half a fabric softener cap in the bottle, then shake well to mix.

This solution isn't cleaner, so it should only be applied to clean surfaces. Avoid spraying it directly onto furniture or electronics. Dampen a microfiber cloth with the mixture and gently wipe the desired areas. This method not only discourages dust from settling but leaves a fresh scent behind. For sustained results, use this method weekly.

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