FoodSkip chemicals: Try potato peels to tackle kettle limescale at home

Skip chemicals: Try potato peels to tackle kettle limescale at home

A limescale from the teapot? No problem!
A limescale from the teapot? No problem!
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5:16 AM EST, January 22, 2024

Limescale coated on the kettle's interior can spoil family tea time. It's uninviting to consume a beverage prepared with water from such an appliance. Besides being visually unappealing, limescale can also alter the taste of water, and unfortunately, it leads to more frequent equipment damage.

Typically, to remove unwanted sediment from the kettle, we resort to a ready-made mix from the store. This is often citric acid, but sometimes, we choose harsher chemical compounds in either liquid or powder form. In our view, this is unnecessary effort and wasted expenditure. After all, an ordinary leftover from lunch that would usually be discarded can help tackle this problem...

Limescale can vanish from the kettle swiftly

There are numerous products available to tackle kettle limescale effectively and swiftly. Baking soda is one such product. You must dissolve 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda in a quart of boiled water, then pour it into the kettle. Another quicker and more potent solution is to use... cola. We've described this method in a previous article.

Today, we want to suggest another novel methodology to eradicate kettle limescale. This method involves using... potato peels. We found inspiration in using them for soup by Ewa Wachowicz, so we decided to put them to work differently! How does it work? Let us explain.

The stone will disappear, and the kettle will be like new.
The stone will disappear, and the kettle will be like new.© Canva | pixelshot

Separate the collected peels into three portions. Rinse them, pour water over them, and bring them to a boil in the kettle. After doing this three times, your kettle will sparkle like it's brand new. Naturally, at the end, you'll need to rinse it well. While potatoes help with limescale, we don't want a potato-flavored morning coffee!

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