Tips&TricksSix unnecessary items to discard for a decluttered, spacious closet

Six unnecessary items to discard for a decluttered, spacious closet

The woman is cleaning the closet.
The woman is cleaning the closet.
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3:12 AM EST, February 26, 2024

For many people, dealing with their wardrobe feels like a daily battlefield. It can become difficult to find anything amidst the disarray, and often, hastily retrieving an item results in an even bigger mess. An additional common issue is an unwelcome, strong odor emanating from the closet. This unpleasant smell usually traces back to bacteria and mites lurking on clothes or closet shelves, often proliferated by improper storage.

Unfortunately, not everyone acknowledges that maintaining order and sensibly managing the volume of items in the closet can greatly influence air circulation and the overall condition of the clothes. So let's discover what six things are best to discard from your closet. Through this process, you'll restore order and balance.

Which items should you discard to tidy up your closet?

To free up space, you need to embrace the reality of parting with a few things. This is a necessary step if you want to effect real change and organize your closet. Begin by sorting out your clothes and setting aside those that no longer fit, or that you no longer enjoy wearing. You may consider packing these clothes for donation to charity or selling them at online auctions. If your clothes are frayed or excessively dirty, it might be best to dispose of them neatly.

To gain more room in your closet, it's essential to address the shoe situation. Storing shoes inside the closet can unnecessarily consume valuable space, particularly if you keep them in their original cardboard boxes. A better solution could be to place them in the hall or on a specific shoe rack. If you own a large shoe collection, consider seasonal storage. Store shoes inappropriate for the current season in an attic or basement.

How to tidy up your closet?

If your wardrobe not only stores clothes but also various bags, gift wrap, boxes for potential future use, and seasonal decorations, you are unfortunately misusing this space. The closet is primarily designed for clothes storage. Filling it with such additional items can quickly result in chaos and disorganization. It's also not ideal for storing unwanted gifts or leisure time equipment such as golf clubs, balls, and yoga mats. To conserve space in your closet, it's advisable to sort your clothes according to the season.

How to create more space in the closet?

Beyond clothing segregation, organization is integral as well. We'll guide you on how to utilize the free space in the closet effectively. Drawer and compartment organizers can be very useful. Aim to stow as many items, such as underwear and accessories, in these organizers. Also, try to maximize any leftover space by installing two clothes rods in your closet. Remember that properly folding clothes, particularly bulkier items like jeans, can create a lot of additional space in your closet.

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