FoodSip your way to slim: How oil and lemon in your coffee can shape your spring figure

Sip your way to slim: How oil and lemon in your coffee can shape your spring figure

Coffee with an unusual addition
Coffee with an unusual addition
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6:11 AM EDT, April 24, 2024

For many of us, spring signals that it's time to pay attention to our figures. One intriguing method involves replacing milk with a special ingredient in our coffee, promising remarkable results. Despite seeming unusual to some, the taste is surprisingly pleasant!

Many people cannot imagine a day without a cup of coffee, not just for its taste and aroma but also as a source of energy for the entire day. Moreover, coffee can assist in weight management. Simply substituting milk with this specific ingredient can witness quite astonishing effects.

Coffee with… oil?

Indeed, coffee with oil — specifically, coconut oil — has become a popular choice in Western countries, known as "bulletproof coffee." This concoction calls for a generous amount of butter and coconut oil. Although it might sound like a strange mix, it proves to be effective. You create a unique blend by adding fat to your coffee and mixing it well to create foam, preferably with a milk frother.

This coffee may be a high-calorie option, but it effectively curbs the appetite. Consuming it in the morning can help keep you full and reduce the urge for snacks between meals. If adding a large amount of butter isn’t appealing, simply using one tablespoon of coconut oil can also be beneficial.

Coffee with a tangy twist

Another innovative approach to tackling excess weight is coffee with lemon. This simple yet effective combination might not be miraculous, but it is beneficial. While it cannot replace a healthy diet and regular exercise, replacing milk in your coffee with lemon juice is worth trying. The tartness of the lemon balances the bitterness of the coffee, appealing to many. Moreover, this mix can sometimes prevent digestive issues caused by combining coffee with milk. Most importantly, it preserves caffeine’s full effect.

Coffee can be a helpful aid in weight loss.
Coffee can be a helpful aid in weight loss.© Canva | michellegibson
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