TechSimple Ukrainian anti-drone net foils Russian kamikaze drone: cost-effective warfare

Simple Ukrainian anti-drone net foils Russian kamikaze drone: cost-effective warfare

Drone stopped on the net
Drone stopped on the net
Images source: © X | Ukrainian Front

10:10 AM EST, January 22, 2024

Kamikaze drones are fast becoming a vital weapon on the battlefield. While heavy armored machinery still plays a prominent role in armed conflicts, and a combination of modern tanks, artillery, and aircraft remains an effective combat strategy against enemy units, the assistance kamikaze drones provide to front-line soldiers is irreplaceable.

Both warring factions regularly employ advanced drones produced en masse, like the Shahed models used by the Russians. Such machines offer significant cost advantages compared to traditional artillery shells. This cost-effectiveness enables armies to launch drone swarms to bypass enemy defenses. These amateur kamikaze drones are a prime example, cheaply constructed by pairing a simple FPV drone with a minor explosives load.

Recent footage from Ukraine showcases such a weapon. The footage revealed how a Russian kamikaze drone got entangled in the anti-drone net, thus keeping the soldiers securely in their trenches. Netizens who commented on the recording highlighted that the Ukrainians employed a simplistic yet effective air defense strategy — stretching a material net over the trenches.

Interestingly, the captured Russian drone lacked a remote detonator, which could have allowed the enemy to activate an explosion remotely. However, any additional components on these amateur kamikaze drones would drive up costs significantly. Therefore, it's plausible that the Russians favor the simplest yet cost-effective designs — a concoction of a drone and explosive material. A drone trapped on a net such as this could potentially be overhauled by Ukrainian forces and, with some modifications, redeployed to strike Russian positions.

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