Tips&TricksSimple tricks to protect your home

Simple tricks to protect your home

Simple tricks to protect your home
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12:16 PM EDT, April 26, 2024

Although they might seem small and inconspicuous, these furry creatures can cause numerous problems. How can we encourage them to leave our vicinity without harming them? An effective method is using odors they dislike, such as from eggs.

Martens, belonging to the mustelid family, gladly reside in attics or car nooks, where they can cause significant damage. The domestic pine marten is known to bite through cables, destroy electrical installations or facades, and damage attic insulation to access the loft.

While martens appear charming with their dense and soft fur, suggesting a gentle nature, they become very loud at night. They also leave behind droppings and remains of food from their hunts or scavenging in trash cans. They often sneak between facades and loft walls in their search for food and shelter.

How to effectively chase away martens?

In efforts to rid our attics of martens, sound repellents are often used, but these are not always effective as martens may become accustomed to the noise. Thus, getting rid of them can be challenging. Martens excel at evading humans, typically leaving their hiding spots at night.

Upon discovering martens in our attic, it is advisable to encourage them to leave. This can be achieved by increasing activity in different parts of the house, especially the loft, keeping a radio turned on all day, or emitting loud noises, making it clear that they are not welcome.

A humane alternative involves safely capturing and relocating the marten far from residential areas using live traps.

The odors martens dislike

Some home methods for repelling martens can be effective, including using odors they find unpleasant. Utilizing the scent of another predator or spreading dog or cat fur in areas frequented by martens can repel them by signaling a potential threat.

The smell of an egg can also deter martens when they venture into our gardens. Breaking an egg nearby can keep them at bay. Trying citrus-scented toilet cubes may also work, but remember to handle them with protective gloves.

What other protections are there against martens?

Securing potential entry points, such as ventilation holes or roof damage, is essential to keeping martens away. This makes it challenging for Martens to settle in the loft. Eliminating food sources, like open garbage cans, significantly reduces the risk of uninvited rodent visits.

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