FoodSimple trick reveals the perfect soaking time for herring: The finger method

Simple trick reveals the perfect soaking time for herring: The finger method

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8:14 AM EST, December 9, 2023

Can you even imagine a Christmas Eve dinner without herring? Although inconceivable for many, it does occur in some households, but that's not our current point of discussion. Today, we are focusing on the art of soaking herring. How do you do it and more importantly, for how long?

No specialized equipment is required for this task. All you need are just your finger and your taste buds. Yes, it's as simple as it sounds: just lightly run your finger over the fish and taste it. But the question remains: how long should you soak the herring? The answer isn't cut and dry. It largely depends on the specific recipe you're following and your personal taste preferences.

Determining the correct soaking time for herring during the holiday season

Herring comes in many forms: salted fillets, moskaliki, or herring in oil, and each type boasts unique flavors. It is imperative to choose the right herring for your dish, ensuring it's flavorful, firm, and tender. Thus, your best choice would be the salted herring fillets, which require soaking before use. How long should you soak them for? Well, that depends on the saltiness of the herring, so you'll have to rely on your senses for that. Keep in mind, overly salted herrings can overwhelm and spoil the taste of any dish, and even the most impeccably crafted herring salad can be rendered too salty. All you'll remember from your Christmas Eve feast is the sour faces around the table.

Before beginning the soaking process, gauge the saltiness of the herring with a quick finger test. This will help you estimate the needed soaking duration. Less salty herring will require a shorter soaking period. Submerge the herring in cold water and leave it to soak for a bit. Repeatedly perform the finger test to quickly detect whether the excess salt has been eliminated. Well-prepared herring should retain a light saltiness as to not overpower other dishes.

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