HealthSilent signs: unexpected symptoms of liver cancer often mistaken as simple indigestion

Silent signs: unexpected symptoms of liver cancer often mistaken as simple indigestion

Have you noticed these symptoms? They may indicate a serious cancer.
Have you noticed these symptoms? They may indicate a serious cancer.
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11:31 AM EST, January 15, 2024

If liver cancer is identified and treated at its early stages, i.e., when the tumor's diameter does not exceed 0.78 inches , the prognosis is generally good. The five-year survival rate, the proportion of individuals who live at least five years post-diagnosis, can exceed 90 percent.

That's why vigilance towards your body's changes and regular testing of your blood bilirubin level is crucial. For those with a healthy liver, this level should range between 7 and 13 grams (higher levels are usually found in newborns and pregnant women).

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Recognizing the symptoms of liver cancer

The American Cancer Society highlights three liver cancer symptoms that are easily mistaken for indigestion or ephemeral digestion issues after a large meal. These include:

- feeling satiated after eating only a small portion,

- nausea or vomiting,

- bloating.

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These three symptoms can just be the start. Other early indicators of liver cancer may also consist of:

- pain in the abdomen and lower stomach area,

- tension in the abdomen,

- diarrhea,

- yellowing of the skin and eye whites,

- bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract,

- unexplained weight loss,

- itchy skin.

Like symptoms mimicking indigestion, skin itching is often ascribed to other issues, such as dermatological problems. But, if the liver isn't functioning properly - for example, due to a tumor - bilirubin can build up in the skin, resulting in itching, among other things.

It's not uncommon for skin itching to be the initial noticeable symptom of liver disease. If accompanied by a feeling of fullness after eating only a small amount of food, it's crucial to consult a doctor immediately, seek a diagnosis, and begin treatment.

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