Tips&TricksShrek's ears. The charming and easy-to-care houseplant taking homes by storm

Shrek's ears. The charming and easy-to-care houseplant taking homes by storm

This flower reminds me of Shrek's fairytale ears.
This flower reminds me of Shrek's fairytale ears.
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10:07 PM EST, January 14, 2024

This plant has achieved fame due to its unique appearance that is certain to captivate your guests. The name Shrek’s ears might seem amusing, but don’t expect to find any earwax. Instead, you’ll discover a new companion for your windowsill that will be a part of your home for years, thanks to its hardiness. We suggest getting to know the jade plant better before purchasing it.

What should you know about Shrek's ears?

If this extraordinary plant is new, now is the perfect time to get acquainted. Crassula ovata, also known as the Hobbit Jade, is an absolute hit this year, consistently growing in popularity. What makes it unique are its tubular leaves that amusingly resemble little Shrek ears from the famous movie. It's a jade plant, often considered a tree of happiness.

Shrek's ears make an ideal choice for novice gardeners venturing into the world of plants for the first time. Its ease of care does not echo the rough exterior of our beloved ogre but is quite the opposite. The plant is extremely easy to cultivate, making it perfect for those who aren't naturally gifted with plants. Remember, Shrek's ears are African succulents, so they’re used to dry conditions.

How should you care for Shrek's ears?

The jade plant should be placed on a bright windowsill, preferably facing south or east. In this way, Shrek’s ears receive the appropriate amount of sunlight without getting distressed. During the summer, the tips of the plant’s “ears” turn from green to orange. This is not a cause for worry but a positive sign that the hobbit jade is getting ample sunlight.

Due to its permeability, Shrek’s ears will thrive in a cactus or succulent soil mix. Repotting the jade plant only when the roots start protruding from the pot is advised. The best time to do this is spring, as Shrek’s ears will luxuriantly bloom throughout the growth season. You can also propagate the jade plant during repotting by placing the tubular leaves in water. They will quickly sprout roots, resulting in a brood of green "monsters".

The hobbit jade will flourish for many years in any condition unaffected by extreme temperatures or drafts. Mature Shrek’s ears may bloom from spring to autumn, producing charming white and pink flowers contrasting beautifully against its tubular leaves.

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