NewsShoygu's future uncertain as Putin's new term may prompt Defense Ministry shakeup

Shoygu's future uncertain as Putin's new term may prompt Defense Ministry shakeup

Vladimir Putin and Sergei Shoigu
Vladimir Putin and Sergei Shoigu
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7:03 AM EDT, April 25, 2024

Sergey Shoygu might soon be relieved of his role as the Minister of National Defense in the upcoming administration. This potential change is anticipated following Vladimir Putin's official commencement of his fifth presidential term, as Russian "Forbes" reported, drawing from a source within the Russian Ministry of Defense.

According to the source, Shoygu's position is at risk due to the arrest of his deputy, longtime friend, and collaborator, Timur Ivanov, who faces corruption charges.

The informant from Forbes suggests that Ivanov's arrest could signal not only Shoygu's departure from the Ministry of Defense but also a comprehensive "cleanse" of his associates within the department.

The "Chekists" have historically disapproved of Shoygu

Political analyst Abbas Gallyamov, previously a speechwriter for Putin, discussed with the "Moscow Times" that Shoygu's replacement might be imminent, especially since Ivanov's case has seemingly dimmed his reputation at the Kremlin.

"In any event, (the secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation and former FSB chief Nikolai) Patrushev has deemed it feasible to target him," emphasized Gallyamov. He reminded us that the circle of former KGB officers, which includes Patrushev, has never been fond of Shoygu.

"Firstly, the intelligence services inherently distrust military officials, always on the lookout for potential plots, which intensifies their mutual animosity. But beyond institutional dynamics, personal history plays a role, too. Shoygu has always adopted an independent stance towards the FSB, perceiving himself as part of Putin's elite circle. This attitude, naturally, has agitated the FSB members," Gallyamov noted.

Timur Ivanov was taken into custody on April 23. By Wednesday, he had been formally accused of corruption, an offense that could result in an eight—to fifteen-year prison term.

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