LifestyleShould you rethink eating kebabs? Here's why

Should you rethink eating kebabs? Here's why

This is what kebab meat production looks like
This is what kebab meat production looks like
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5:09 PM EST, November 26, 2023

Journalist Jimmy Doherty, from the show "Food Unwrapped," took an in-depth look into the kebab production process. This dish enjoys worldwide popularity, but surprisingly few people know what goes into this delicious fast food.

A traditional kebab is supposed to be made of lamb, served with salad enveloped in a soft dough known as pita. The dish's name itself translates to "rotating roasted meat."

Regrettably, current versions often contain a mix of ingredients rather than the traditional ones. The quality of the kebab preparation process is also questionable, as Doherty revealed in his investigative segment.

Doherty's investigation reveals startling truths about kebabs

Jimmy Doherty picked up kebabs from various stands across London and took them to a laboratory to have the meat tested. Shockingly, out of the nine kebabs purchased, only one contained lamb. Then what was in the rest? A mix of unexpected elements...

On a brighter note, an expert confirmed that the kebabs didn't contain horse, goat, or donkey meat. Instead, they were predominantly made from pork, beef, and poultry meat. However, the alteration in the type of meat wasn't the only concern. The sight that greeted Doherty at the facilities where the meat for kebabs was prepared was rather unsettling.

Unpalatable truths about kebab meat production unveiled

In the initial stage, the meat is ground into a uniform pulp. Businesses then add soy protein, onion powder, and salt to this mass. The final kebab product is only 85 percent meat, with the rest being these added substances. This mixture is then shaped into balls and then transformed into plates which are stacked onto the spit. This sight can understandably be quite disagreeable for many.

"I won't ever eat it again!" a netizen commented on the expose's recording.

According to insider sources, the meat used is often sourced from unreliable providers. It's constituted of the unsold leftovers from supermarkets that would've otherwise perished had they not been repurposed.

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