NewsShoigu completely lost it. He said that in front of everyone

Shoigu completely lost it. He said that in front of everyone

Sergey Shoigu believes in the successes of Russians on the front, which did not occur.
Sergey Shoigu believes in the successes of Russians on the front, which did not occur.
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7:27 PM EDT, October 25, 2023

Does Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu know what he is talking about publicly or can he simply not stop lying? Yes, to show the Kremlin authorities and their decisions in the best possible light? We don't know that. But what we do know is that Vladimir Putin's confidant has gone a bit overboard. He talked about the imaginary successes of his army on the front.

How are the Russians coping on the Ukrainian war front? Well, the truth depends on who you listen to. Ukrainian channels are convinced that the enemy is retreating in panic and the fight will soon be won. Western analysts admit that the offensive continues, but the Russians are defending exceptionally well. And the voice from Moscow? Well, that's a totally different pair of shoes.

General Sergei Shoigu, commander of the Russian army, publicly praised his units and spoke of unprecedented successes on the front. He said this to the soldiers he visited to present awards. And he said this in front of journalists, who immediately turned the commander's words into propagandistic mush. One has to admit, it's quite colorful.

What did Sergei Shoigu say to the soldiers, one of Vladimir Putin's closest people?

According to the commander of the Russian army, Russian armed forces have shot down as many as 24 Ukrainian airplanes over the past five days. Of course, this is not the end of Vladimir Putin's army's successes. Shoigu believes that his military is making progress on the front and is on a good path to winning the Ukrainian war. Well, the truth in Moscow is not valued today.

Ukrainians mock and "correct" the Russians in their calculations. They also hinted that "over Siberia and Vladivostok, 12 Ukrainian spacecraft, 2 NATO satellites, 2463 Hrim-2 missiles, and 267 combat mosquitoes" were also shot down. After all, no success of the Russian army can be overlooked or silenced, right?

Even if these are imagined situations and they're not happening. Propaganda does not feed on truth. And what is the truth? Well, Minister-General Sergei Shoigu can't be proud of it. The three-day operation in Ukraine has been going on for several months, the West and NATO countries have joined the war, and the world treats Russians with great distance.

Huge losses of the Russians on the front, they are massively losing equipment and people

Recently, reports have emerged that Ukraine now has more tanks than Russia. Experts estimate that Kyiv can now send up to 1500 tanks into battle, while the invading forces have around 1400, which is significantly less than at the beginning of the war. The Russians do not care about their equipment, as shown by the subsequent footage from the battlefield.

They attack recklessly, sending people almost to certain death. Heavy equipment too.

They continue to suffer very high losses, and there are no visible effects of their bloody tactics on the battlefield. Ukrainians are well-prepared for eliminating enemy units, and the numerical advantage of the Russians does not matter. As for equipment, after 1.5 years of fighting, the aggressor is no longer far ahead of the forces from Kyiv. They have lost a lot of heavy equipment on the front.

At the moment, they have lost over 296 thousand soldiers and a lot of valuable equipment. These losses are increasing every day and will be even higher by the end of the war. Such a war was instigated by Vladimir Putin and is being falsified by Sergei Shoigu.

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