NewsShocking story. They caught a teenager. "Don't kill her, kidnap her."

Shocking story. They caught a teenager. "Don't kill her, kidnap her."

Several men admitted to crimes in Israel.
Several men admitted to crimes in Israel.
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11:03 AM EDT, October 25, 2023

In newly published material from interrogations, Hamas fighters have confessed to many crimes against civilians. The attackers revealed that they had been ordered to kill young men and kidnap women, children, and seniors. Generous rewards were planned for carrying out these orders, including money and housing.

The Israeli security authorities and police jointly interrogated six Hamas fighters who participated in the massacre on October 7. Each detailed what Hamas had commissioned him to do and what rewards were offered in return for kidnapping and killing Israelis.

Hamas Crimes

When we returned, they took a young girl, about 15 or 16 years old. She was standing and they took a selfie with her. Some said to shoot her, others said: "Don't shoot her, kidnap her".

Then, the young girl was taken away on one of the abductors' motorcycles. The same man described the "hunt" for a family that had barricaded themselves in a small room.

They were scared and didn't want to go out. [...] Someone set a piece of material on fire and said: "We'll suffocate them with smoke". The young woman got scared and opened the door.

The family was killed. 10 bullets were fired towards a young woman, her parents, and a dog. Earlier, the perpetrators screamed that this death was revenge for the murder of women and children from Palestine.

It turned out that generous rewards were provided for killing and kidnapping Israelis. One of the interrogated persons said that anyone who kidnapped or caught a person and brought them to Gaza received 10 thousand dollars and an apartment.

They want as many of them to be kidnapped as possible. The aim of our infiltration was to capture and kidnap as many people as possible - he added.

Each of the interrogated stated that their religion forbids the killing of women, children, and infants. Only young men were supposed to be killed. They added that the atrocities they committed are no different from those committed by ISIS.

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