NewsShocking scenes in Jerusalem. Shots were fired

Shocking scenes in Jerusalem. Shots were fired

Terrorists on the streets of Israel
Terrorists on the streets of Israel
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3:21 PM EDT, October 13, 2023

The latest installment of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been going on for close to a week. Although the Israeli army declares that it has slowly gained control of the situation around the Gaza Strip, disturbing signals still flow from other parts of the country. Shots were fired in Jerusalem. Islamic terrorists injured two people. Everything is visible in the recording.

Since October 7, another war has been ongoing between Palestinian militants and the Israeli army. An unexpected attack by Hamas has wreaked havoc among Israelis, but also a desire for revenge for the crimes that terrorists have committed in the south of the country.

Israel assures that it has controlled the situation around the Gaza Strip, from where fighters have penetrated through border fortifications. However, disturbing incidents are still occurring in Israeli cities. As reported by Nexta, citing sources on the Telegram platform, another horror unfolded on the streets of Jerusalem. Palestinian terrorists were shooting at passers-by at Herod's gate. Two people were injured. The attackers were shot by the police. A recording can be seen below.

The war between Israel and Hamas continues

Israel has amassed powerful reserves, totaling 360 thousand soldiers. There are many indications that the Israeli army is preparing to carry out operations in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli Defense Forces have announced on Twitter that they are urging Palestinian civilians to flee southward for their own safety. They inform that the military is conducting operations in the Gaza Strip, and terrorists are using civilians as human shields. Hamas calls for disregarding Israeli instructions.

Last night, the Israelis attacked 750 military targets in the Palestinian Gaza Strip. They bombed, among others, underground tunnels, terrorist bases, houses used as military quarters, armories, and communication centers.

According to the latest estimates, about 1.3 thousand Israelis and over 1.5 thousand Palestinians from the Gaza Strip have already died as a result of Hamas' attack and Israel's retaliation. The UN reports that more than 423 thousand residents of the Strip have had to leave their homes.

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