NewsShocking news about Russian new space nuclear capabilities

Shocking news about Russian new space nuclear capabilities

Shocking news about Russian new space nuclear capabilities
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4:19 AM EST, February 15, 2024

The United States Intelligence Services have gathered crucial information about the new Russian state of nuclear weapons. It turns out that the Russian army considered technologically weak and obsolete, can launch nuclear missiles from space. Key U.S. allies have been informed about the critical information.

Do not worry, it is not immediate threat - Biden informs.

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Should we feel disturbed by those shocking news? Do not worry in advance. The special technological solutions are not able to operate yet. Russian Army is only in the stage of testing and development. The fact that U.S. intelligence knows what is happening right now only means that everything is under control, although we should treat the matter as seriously as possible. President and the most competent services are tracking the situation.

In the interview in CNN, Leon Panetta - former CIA Director commented on the situation:

I think one of the worst massages the United States is sending right now to the world and to Russia is our delaying of supplemental request in terms of military aid to Ukraine, to Israel, to Taiwan and what is essentially happening is that we are playing Putin's game right now (...)

Russian propaganda tries to deny the U.S. informations

Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesperson and one of the main Putin propagandists, is trying to use the news to attack back the Biden administration, the U.S. Army, and the United States in general. He describes the unsettling news given to the U.S. public as another nasty trick by the U.S. government. One should not treat Peskov seriously. Obviously, the Kremlin strategy has always been to deceive and spread misinformation.

What the system is about ?

The Russian nuclear missile system is not about launching nuclear missiles to the Earth. Nuclear weapons can be used in a variety of ways, only one of which is to attack human settlements or bases. The other use of nuclear weapons is to use them to destroy the communication infrastructure, and this is precisely the purpose of the new Russian technology. Russians work on the way of launching nuclear missiles into space in order to destroy American satellites, not to launch them to the Earth.

Leon Panetta for CNN:

[nuclear missilies]"can be used to either paralyze the satellites or bring them down, and the problem is we use satellites for communication purposes, and we use satellites for intelligence purposes"

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