News'Shocking attack' in Dublin leaves children among the injured

'Shocking attack' in Dublin leaves children among the injured

"Shocking attack" in Dublin. Children among the injured.
"Shocking attack" in Dublin. Children among the injured.
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10:23 AM EST, November 24, 2023

A brutal knife attack has occurred in Dublin, injuring five people including three children, as announced by the Irish police. Witnesses of the shocking incident described the scene as pandemonium, with men and women in a state of fear and distress.

The tragic event took place on Thursday at 8:40 AM Eastern Time on Parnell Square East, in the northern part of Dublin. According to Ireland's public broadcaster RTÉ, the assailant wielded a knife against the victims.

The victims – a man, a woman, and three small children – sustained various injuries. The girl and adult woman's injuries have been classified by the police as serious. Anthony Boyle, a resident near the scene, recounted the chaos, mentioning a small girl lying on the ground amidst the cries and screams of the crowd.

Kife attacker detained by authorities

The police have confirmed that the girl is seriously injured, while the other two children suffered minor injuries and are under medical care. Approximately 20 officers were present on the scene, assisting in the operation.

Expressing his shock at the incident, Ireland's Prime Minister Leo Varadkar announced that the attacker is now in police custody.

The Irish Times reports that the suspect also sustained injuries believed to be self-inflicted.

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