EntertainmentShock at the Euro draw: Unanticipated interruptions stir controversy

Shock at the Euro draw: Unanticipated interruptions stir controversy

UEFA embarrassed by prankster
UEFA embarrassed by prankster
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9:01 AM EST, December 3, 2023

The Euro 2024 draw, a high-profile occasion in soccer, drew immense attention from fans. The event proved less generous. However, the outcome of the draw was not the main headline. Instead, a prankster, causing quite the disruption by broadcasting adult content, left UEFA red-faced.

Germany will play host to Euro 2024 - one of the major soccer events. The official group draw for this tournament occurred on Saturday. Should Poland qualify, they would be up against France, the Netherlands, and Austria. Nonetheless, the focus has shifted from the playoffs to an incident entirely unrelated to sport.

A prankster compromises UEFA's reputation

The prank was orchestrated by an internet creator known as "BMWJarvo". Before the event's commencement, he planted a hidden phone in the hall. Programmed with a very distinct ringtone, the phone emitted sounds associated with adult content.

Throughout the draw, "BMWJarvo" persistently called the phone, capturing his antics on platform X. The footage shows his satisfaction with his viral joke, which swiftly proliferated on social media.

Surprise amidst the Euro 2024 Draw

However, the prank did not amuse those at the receiving end. Soccer fans worldwide heard these unexpected sounds as squads were being chosen, drawing noticeable reactions from soccer stars such as David Silva and Brian Laudrup.

This isn't the first time "BMWJarvo" has pulled a similar prank at a soccer event. In January, the BBC fell victim to an identical stunt, where viewers could hear explicit noises during a live expert discussion. Following the incident, the British broadcaster issued an official apology to its viewers, assuring measures would be taken to address the issue.

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