NewsShift in Polish Support for Ukraine: From Aid to Troops

Shift in Polish Support for Ukraine: From Aid to Troops

Poles support sending troops to Ukraine? Illustrative photo.
Poles support sending troops to Ukraine? Illustrative photo.
Images source: © PAP | PAP/Vladyslav Musiienko

6:55 PM EDT, March 25, 2024

Poles are increasingly in favor of not only sending troops to Ukraine but also of allowing Polish citizens to fight across the eastern border. The latest survey results may come as a surprise, and experts are attributing this shift in opinion to what they're calling the "Macron effect."
A recent survey conducted for RMF FM and "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna" posed the question: What kind of support should Poland provide to Ukraine?
The majority of respondents, 75%, are in favor of sending humanitarian aid to Ukrainians. Additionally, there is significant support for transferring military equipment - including ammunition, personal weapons, or grenade launchers - with 67.6% of respondents in favor. Moreover, 54.1% support sending heavier equipment such as tanks or airplanes.
27.1% of those surveyed believe Poland should allow its citizens to engage in the conflict in Ukraine, while 9.4% are in favor of deploying Polish troops. This marks a notable shift from a year ago when the idea of sending Polish troops received negligible support from the public.
Experts are attributing this change in public opinion to the "Macron effect", suggesting that European society has begun to entertain the notion of deploying troops to Ukraine following recent remarks by the President of France. He mentioned that the deployment of NATO forces across the eastern border is a possibility that should not be dismissed.
The survey was carried out by United Surveys from March 8 to March 10, 2024, utilizing a mixed CATI/CAWI method on a sample of 1000 participants.
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