LifestyleShe's been drinking Chinese medicine for a month. Problems quickly dissapeared

She's been drinking Chinese medicine for a month. Problems quickly dissapeared

Collagen broth, cooked for 14 hours
Collagen broth, cooked for 14 hours
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10:54 AM EDT, October 6, 2023

Long-cooked collagen broth is popular in Chinese medicine. It is called "liquid gold", and one can discuss its health benefits indefinitely. A journalist from the Interia website decided to check on her own skin what effect regular consumption of collagen broth can have. As she admits, the effects of using broth exceeded her expectations.

The journalist describes in the introduction that she has been struggling with gastrointestinal issues for years, and has been fighting her ailments on various fronts. Thus, she decided to test how her body would respond to the daily consumption of the touted collagen broth, also known as "liquid gold".

What is collagen broth? Health benefits of "liquid gold"

In short, collagen broth is a long-cooked (from several up to 36 hours) broth based on bones, popular in Chinese medicine. The lengthy preparation time of the broth has its reasoning. Thanks to this, the soup is rich in glutamine - an ingredient that plays a vitally important role in treating intestinal diseases. Among the properties of glutamine, it is known to accelerate the regeneration of intestinal villi and the intestinal mucous membrane.

The exceptional health benefits of collagen broth can also be attributed to its high collagen content, which is boiled out of bones, cartilage, and marrow. Among the numerous positives associated with regularly consuming long-cooked broth are, for example: strengthening the immune system, alleviating food allergies, improving the appearance of hair, skin and nails, strengthening joints and bones, and also alleviating symptoms of leaky gut.

Collagen broth is called "liquid gold."
Collagen broth is called "liquid gold."© Adobe Stock

She regularly drank collagen broth. Here are the results

The Interia journalist emphasized that she had been consuming collagen broth for a month, a glass each day. "Sometimes before breakfast, and sometimes before lunch. Always solo, without noodles" - she reports. The broth was based on beef, duck necks, chicken feet, and beef bones. Along with this, the broth was cooked with root vegetables and herbs. The journalist recommends adding a little bit of lemon juice or vinegar to the broth - these ingredients effectively extract valuable components from the bones.

The first effects of regularly consuming collagen broth appeared after two weeks of "treatment". The journalist reveals that at this time, the skin on her face became soft and resilient (thanks to collagen). However, the main reason she decided to test the "liquid gold" on her own skin was her gastrointestinal problems. It turns out that the collagen broth also worked wonders here as well.

"You may believe me or not, but I really feel that my digestive tract is less and less irritated. I can simply feel it getting stronger," - explains the Interia journalist. "The meals that I eat are passing through my walls more easily, my digestion has improved, bloating has decreased, and I feel full for a longer time, which helps me avoid snacking between meals. In general, I feel very strengthened and I have more energy," - she adds.
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