LifestyleShed pounds from your face: Tips for altering your diet, exercise, and lifestyle for a slimmer look

Shed pounds from your face: Tips for altering your diet, exercise, and lifestyle for a slimmer look

How to effectively slim down your face?
How to effectively slim down your face?
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5:15 AM EST, January 30, 2024, updated: 4:39 AM EST, March 7, 2024

The shape of the face largely relies on genetics, which determines, amongst other things, the width of your cheekbones and the structure of your jaw. As a result, some faces might seem more attractive, elongated, or oval, while others appear rounder. This doesn't necessarily indicate excess fat tissue. For example, a double chin can be standard in individuals who sleep with their mouths open.

If you notice that your face has enlarged noticeably, starting with general medical tests is advisable, yet primarily checking hormones and thyroid. Only when the results declare normalcy can you proceed to adjust your diet, introduce exercises, and implement other methods to slim down your face.

How can you modify your diet to slim down your face?

A rounder face can frequently be due to swelling. How can you get rid of this? Your diet plays a significant part here. Swelling occurs when water is retained in our body, often due to a surplus of salt and sugar. Thus, you should decrease your intake of these two products. It is advisable to stop consuming sweets and salty snacks, like chips. Additionally, alcohol should be limited as it dehydrates and can contribute to facial swelling. Do you not like your reflection the morning after partying? This might be why. So reducing alcohol consumption to a minimum is beneficial. You should also abstain from fast food and other products that contain high amounts of saturated fats.

What should you consume instead? Ensure you drink plenty of water every day - about half a gallon. Your diet should be rich in vegetables, fruits, poultry, fish, whole grain bread, low-fat dairy, as well as eggs and olive oil. Regardless of your fitness goals, it's simply beneficial to eat healthily. If you're interested in a strict diet, such as one with a caloric deficit, we recommend consulting a dietitian.

Which physical activity should you choose to slim down the face?

Effective results will be seen when a balanced diet is combined with regular physical activity. What to select? You might want to forego gym exercises, as they often concentrate on specific body parts. However, we're interested in exercises for the whole body. When we shed a few kilograms, the face will noticeably become slimmer. Cardiovascular exercises will likely be the most effective - we suggest running, swimming, cycling, or dancing. If you've been inactive for quite some time, commence with two gentle weekly workouts, and then incrementally raise their frequency or intensity.

Face yoga - slimming exercises

Many consider face yoga an ingenious practice. Regular engagement can lead to tighter, firmer, and more elastic skin, and can slow down the formation of wrinkles. The routine can subtly, but notably, alter the shape of the face making it appear slimmer. Some individuals choose to "exercise the face" after performing full-body asanas and before meditation. However, face yoga can completely stand as its own regime. Spending 10 minutes a day practicing face yoga can yield positive results. You can practice during your skin-care routine in the evening or during a break from remote work. Regularity is, of course, key.

Can facial massages make your face slimmer?

Performing daily self-massage is another technique to slim down the face. Choose a suitable oil for your skin type, apply it in the evening, and you're set. It's essential to avoid applying too much pressure on the skin around the eyes, as it is thin and can accelerate wrinkle formation. Want to reduce a double chin? Gentle pinching can help. An effective exercise is to form a fist and move your knuckles under your jaw from the inside out, with 15-20 repetitions. After this, you can clasp your jawbone with your thumb on bottom and index finger on top, and move your fingers in the same direction as the previous exercise. Additionally, you might find that a gua sha stone massage works wonders.

Face contouring - realizing the illusion of makeup can suffice

Are you dreaming of instantly slimming your face but believe it's impossible? Think again! A few makeup tricks will make your face appear visually slimmer. The key is contouring utilizing products slightly darker than your foundation color. A creamy stick bronzer can give the most natural effect. Lightly draw it under your cheekbone, starting from the ear, then blend the product with a sponge or brush. The same trick can be applied to the edge of your jaw. With some practice, you can become a face contouring expert.

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