LifestyleShe went to Vietnam. "One of the worst nights of my life"

She went to Vietnam. "One of the worst nights of my life"

Influencer devastated by conditions in a Vietnamese bus
Influencer devastated by conditions in a Vietnamese bus
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5:02 PM EDT, October 25, 2023

The TikToker living in the United Kingdom, Mia Challiner, went to Vietnam with her brother. During their stay, they used a night bus with sleeping accommodations. Although it looks very luxurious in the video, by standards associated with Asia, the journey turned out to be a nightmare for the influencer.

A TikToker shared her impressions from a trip on a sleeper bus through Vietnam, and her story has become a hit - it has been viewed by over 3.6 million users of the popular site already. - I don't want to overdramatize, but I'll tell you about one of the worst nights of my life - begins Mia.

A fatal bus journey through Vietnam

The night bus from Hanoi to Hoi An takes as long as 20 hours. As she explained in the video, at the time of making the reservation, such a journey seemed like quite an adventure to her.

Mia recorded the entire route to show observers what a night sleeper bus in Vietnam looks like exactly. - The average height in Vietnam is about 4 feet 9 inches, and I am approximately 6 feet 2 inches. I should have known that this is a recipe for disaster - says the tiktoker.

She adds that she took a shower in the hotel spa because she didn't know if the bus would make any stops along the way. She also bought herself some "snacks".

- I say snacks, and I mean diet cola and water, but it quickly turned out that I wouldn't be drinking anything - laughs Mia.

During her online booking, she chose a place on top, which turned out to be a moderately good decision. In the bus, the siblings had to remove their shoes and go in their socks to their places, where it turned out that there was no room for luggage, and for the girl to fit in the chair she had to strongly bend her legs.

- I didn't drink anything during the whole 20-hour journey, because I quickly found out that there were no toilets on board - she admitted.

Ultimately, it turned out that there were two bathroom stops. During the first one, she grabbed a salad at the station, which she later had to take with her to the restroom.

The TikToker also showed a bag full of cosmetics for makeup and skin care, which she took with her, hoping to apply them during the trip.

- What the hell was I thinking, bringing skincare products and makeup on the bus? - Mia laughs.

Over several hundred comments appeared under the video, which were shocked by what this really looks like. "I couldn't get on a sleeper bus, I need to pee every 15 minutes", "No toilet for 20 hours? That sounds like a nightmare", "There's no amount of money I'd like to save to decide to drive 20 hours without a bathroom" - we read in the comments.

Others, however, point out that the sleeper bus looks great compared to other modes of transport they have traveled in Asia.

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