LifestyleShe went for skin smoothing, but awoke to a shocking surprise

She went for skin smoothing, but awoke to a shocking surprise

Kimberly McCormick
Kimberly McCormick
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6:27 PM EST, November 21, 2023

Kimberly McCormick decided to visit Mexico for an affordable skin smoothing procedure. However, what she woke up to after the surgery left her in significant shock. The doctors had made a massive blunder, a mistake they were reluctant to acknowledge.

American Kimberly McCormick was drawn to the affordable plastic surgeries in Mexico. A few years back, she had a weight loss surgery and recently decided to sign up for a follow-up treatment. This time, the objective was for the doctors from Tijuana to smooth her sagging skin after her weight loss.

Kimberly McCormick, at 65 years old, traveled to Mexico with her daughter. After being sedated, she fell asleep, providing the doctors with undivided attention towards the operation.

In an interview with presenter Natasha Zouves on NewsNation, she professed that she felt the doctors' movements. She found it odd that the doctors were making certain markings in the chest area.

Nonetheless, she resolved to trust them. This, unfortunately, proved to be a colossal mistake! A few hours later, the woman woke up to an astronomical shock.

Kimberly McCormick, still 65 years old, found herself with enlarged breasts and unexpectedly heavy buttocks. She realized that her breasts had been augmented and that buttock implants had been inserted.

"I called my daughter because I woke up with huge breasts, something I never desired, even if I were to live 500 years," disclosed the woman during the interview.

A shocking mistake by the doctors

When she saw the results of the procedure, she was utterly devastated.

"Well, I'm 65 years old, I'm not a young girl, and being sexy was not my aim. I was humiliated, just humiliated," affirmed the 65-year-old.

The patient's daughter professed that they essentially compelled the 65-year-old woman to leave the hospital. No one was prepared to admit the error. Presently, the woman is in the USA, hoping for some rectification. If she wanted to correct the damage on her own, it would cost... 75,000 dollars.

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