LifestyleShe was considered to be a beauty of the 90s. Today she turns 48 years old

She was considered to be a beauty of the 90s. Today she turns 48 years old

Kate Winslet turns 48
Kate Winslet turns 48
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12:28 PM EDT, October 5, 2023

Kate Winslet gained worldwide popularity in 1997. All thanks to her performance in the film "Titanic", in which she starred as the main character. On October 5, the actress turned 48 years old. Here's what her private life looks like.

Kate Winslet gained fame through her role in "Titanic". There was speculation about a passionate romance that was supposed to connect her with Leonardo DiCaprio. However, they never went beyond friendship. - Well, I'm sorry, because I know that I will disappoint many of you, but we never felt for each other in that way. And it turned out well for us! I think that precisely because we never crossed the friendship line, our relationship has survived. While the whole world was enamored by the divine DiCaprio, for me he was just stinky and farting Leo - Winslet laughed in one of the TV interviews in 2017.

Kate Winslet was the target of a tabloid attack

The star of "Titanic" had three children, each with a different partner. Her first love was Stephen Tredre, who she met when she was only 15, before the premiere of "Titanic". The actor was twice her age. While they were together, he was battling bone cancer. They broke up four years later, and Tredre passed away in 1997.

Later, the actress became involved with Jim Threapleton. The couple met on set a year after the premiere of James Cameron's hit. They got married a year later, and in 2000, they had a daughter named Mia. However, the relationship did not last - they separated in 2001.

The next partner was Sam Mendes, during the casting for a play he directed. Sparks flew between them - they got married in 2003, and their son Joe was born. Although it seemed that they were perfectly suited to each other, in 2010 they announced their separation. "The way the media wrote about our divorce was really brutal," the actress commented. The tabloids accused her of causing the breakup and emphasized that her older husband simply got bored of her.

Kate Winslet was romantically involved with a model. This is what he told about her

After breaking up with Mendes, Kate Winslet romanced model Louis Dowler for several months. However, it turned out that the man approached it differently. - I loved her, and you can't just turn off love. It's all still fresh to me, I need to recover - he later told the "Daily Mail".

Ultimately, the actress became involved with Edward Abel Smith, whom she met while on vacation on an island owned by billionaire Richard Branson. They are still together today and have a son, Bear Blaze. They diligently guard their privacy. - No one really knows why my first marriage ended. Or what happened in the second. I really value this media silence - she emphasized.

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