EntertainmentShe wanted to shake the coach's hand. Her reaction says it all

She wanted to shake the coach's hand. Her reaction says it all

In the photo: Laura Woods trying to shake hands with Man Utd coach Erik ten Hag.
In the photo: Laura Woods trying to shake hands with Man Utd coach Erik ten Hag.
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8:56 PM EDT, October 25, 2023

An unusual situation occurred after the Champions League match between Manchester United and FC Copenhagen. Journalist Laura Woods wanted to shake hands with the coach of the "Red Devils", Erik ten Hag, at the end of the interview. Things became awkward for a moment. And what was the conclusion? See for yourself.

In the third round of the Champions League group stage, Manchester United won 1:0 against Danish FC Copenhagen before their home crowd. Harry Maguire scored the only goal in the 72nd minute. In stoppage time, the visitors could have tied the game, but "Red Devils'" goalkeeper Andre Onana saved a penalty kick taken by Jordan Larsson.

After the meeting was finished, the guest in the TNT Sports studio at Old Trafford was the coach of United, Erik ten Hag. At the end of the conversation, a small awkwardness took place. The popular host Laura Woods wanted to thank the Dutchman for the conversation, offering him her hand.

Ten Hag initially ignored her gesture. The Dutch coach first turned towards the two remaining studio guests, who were the legendary United soccer players - Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes.

Woods' reaction was comical. The host burst into laughter, then moved her extended hand in front of her face, imitating a greeting gesture. Ten Hag noticed his awkwardness in time and shook the journalist's hand, simultaneously apologizing to her for the whole situation.

Woods, like the other two guests in the studio, reacted to the whole situation with a wink. "A little awkward" - the popular presenter commented with a smile, and shortly thereafter, Ten Hag left the studio.

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