LifestyleShe showed what happens at night in her bedroom. 1.5 million views

She showed what happens at night in her bedroom. 1.5 million views

The TikToker barricades the bedroom door every night.
The TikToker barricades the bedroom door every night.
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8:52 AM EDT, October 23, 2023

The TikToker decided to post a video showcasing the door barricade she's been setting up in front of her bedroom door for some time. She also revealed why she has to do it. The recording revealed the culprit.

Sara, who is actively developing her TikTok account, caused quite a sensation with one of her recent videos. The clip has been viewed over 1.5 million times, which might have surprised her a bit.

It turns out that the TikToker has demonstrated her daily barricading of the bedroom door in it. The woman sets up several tall pillows in the doorway, making it impossible to close and open the door to her room. Hence the question arose: why does she do this?

The TikToker is barricading the bedroom door

The TikToker revealed that she does this because of her cat named Spazzers, who has learned how to slam her doors. Sara was afraid that her pet would hurt itself, so she protected the doors with pillows.

Little "troublemaker"

Cats like to show their "claws". After all, they are famous for their persistence and resilience in achieving their goal. Many cat owners know very well that if, for example, they want to eat, they will meow loudly until they achieve their goal. This was also the case with Sarah and her pet.

Why did Spazzers slam the doors to his caretaker's bedroom? It turns out that he had an important reason for this. The TikToker revealed that her cat woke her up at ungodly hours every morning.

Spazzers did everything to attract attention. Seeing that his actions were not yielding results, he learned to push doors, which, when slamming, woke Sara. As proof of her words, she showed a recording from a camera placed in the bedroom.

In the comments under the TikToker's video, there were many comments from cat owners with similar problems:

My cat is banned from our room because he thinks we need to get up at 8 PM... scratching the TV, windows, wardrobe, and dressers;
It would be safer for him to sleep at night in the bathroom or another room. Some kittens do not do well with free roaming when the owners are asleep;
My three cats also play with the doors to our bedroom. They've learned that if we don't make sure they're closed, they can open them.
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