LifestyleShe said her final goodbye. The moving words of Lisa Kudrow to Matthew Perry

She said her final goodbye. The moving words of Lisa Kudrow to Matthew Perry

Lisa Kudrow said goodbye to Matthew Perry.
Lisa Kudrow said goodbye to Matthew Perry.
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10:38 AM EST, November 16, 2023

"Friends" leading actors bade their farewell to Matthew Perry, well-known for his role as Chandler Bing. Lisa Kudrow, renowned for her portrayal of Phoebe Buffay, made a heartfelt tribute. She expressed her gratitude to Perry through a heartfelt message.

Matthew Perry passed away on October 28, 2023. The 54-year-old actor, famously known for his depiction of Chandler Bing in the iconic series "Friends," had been dealing with alcohol and opioid addiction for a long time. Despite achieving sobriety, Perry was enduring severe cardiac issues. The cause of his death is yet to be officially identified.

Tributes pour in for Matthew Perry from his "Friends" co-stars

The actor's funeral took place on November 3. The intimate ceremony was attended by a close circle of about 20 people. The remaining main actors from "Friends": Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer were among the attendees. They posted a poignant message following Perry's demise, "We were a family. We have a lot to say, but we need time to process this incomprehensible loss," they collectively expressed.

Approximately two weeks later, the actors began to vocalize their memories and connections with the late actor. David Schwimmer, known for his role as Ross in the series, posted a nostalgic photo of himself and Perry sporting 80s attire. Jennifer Aniston disclosed a message she received from him. Courteney Cox shared a blooper from the filming set, while LeBlanc posted a series of jointly taken snapshots.

Lisa Kudrow's farewell to Matthew Perry

The last to express publicly was Lisa Kudrow, who portrayed Phoebe Buffay in the series. She, too, shared a picture taken with Perry from years prior. "We shot the pilot, 'Friends Like Us,' but it was immediately taken down; we were attending NBC Upfronts, and then, you suggested that we play poker, making it fun while we were bonding initially. I appreciate that," she recounted.

"Thank you for inducing laughter that caused muscle pain and induced tears every single day. Thank you for your empathy in a multifaceted relationship that necessitated compromise and lots of discussion," Kudrow emphasized.

She also acknowledged Perry's health struggles. "Thank you for showing up to work even when you weren't feeling your best, and still performing exceptionally. Thank you for the best 10 years anyone could wish for. Thank you for putting your trust in me. Thank you for everything I learned about grace and love through knowing you. Thank you for the time I got to spend with you, Matthew," she wrote on Instagram.

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