LifestyleShe is a "honey trap". Now she reveals, how it works

She is a "honey trap". Now she reveals, how it works

Livi is a fidelity tester.
Livi is a fidelity tester.
Images source: © Instagram | Livi Shelby
7:12 PM EDT, October 12, 2023

Livi Shelby runs an unusual business. This resident of the UK checks whether women have trusted the right men. To do this, she sets "traps" for the partners of her clients on social media.

The foundation of the relationship for many people is fidelity. Women, who have doubts about the sincerity and authenticity of their partner's feelings, turn to Livi for help. The British woman is a fidelity tester.

She calls herself a "honey trap". She writes to busy men to check on them

Livi Shelby runs a TikTok account where she has already amassed over 180 thousand followers. On her profile, she publishes many different types of content, but her "loyalty tests" are the most popular.

A British woman writes to busy men on Instagram, first agreeing this with their partners who suspect infidelity. Livi has permission, for example, to send messages in which she attempts to flirt. Will the man in a relationship respond to the attractive stranger, or will he remain faithful to his girlfriend?

One of the conversations shared by the tester is quite surprising. The man blatantly lied, claiming that "if he had a girlfriend, he would never respond to a message like that". Luckily, Livi often checks on people who are truly honest and don't react to any provocations.

"They should pay me for this"

Livi gained enough popularity that she was invited to participate in the filming of the documentary "Cheat Detectives: The Loyalty Test" (Eng. "Betrayal Detectives: loyalty test" - editor's transl.). It was in this film that she precisely explained what her test entails.

"If you want to be loyal, don't respond at all. If you responded 'hey', you're already halfway to cheating" - she explained.

The fidelity tester emphasized that she does not charge for helping other women. However, in exchange for her activities, she shares the conversations with unfaithful men on social media. Livi admits that such tests are quite a controversial method, but she does not regret using it.

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