LifestyleShe is a gynecologist. There is one thing she never do

She is a gynecologist. There is one thing she never do

The gynecologist pointed out mistakes made by patients.
The gynecologist pointed out mistakes made by patients.
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3:36 PM EDT, October 6, 2023

The fundamental element of preventative care against urinary and reproductive system diseases is proper hygiene of intimate areas. A certain gynecologist also pointed out what not to do to avoid serious health consequences.

Many people still believe that urinary tract infections come from a lack of or improper hygiene of the intimate areas. Appropriate care is an important element of prevention of such diseases, but it is also worth remembering about other issues.

Due to the large number of incorrect information about gynecological diseases that can be found on the internet, the editorial team at decided to ask doctors about what they never do to care for their health in this area.

Routine check-ups and daily hygiene

As emphasized by Dr. Christine Greves, a gynecologist from Orlando, Florida - every woman should not forget about regular check-ups and visit the gynecologist at least once a year. "Even if you think everything is normal, sometimes what you consider normal is not," she emphasized.

According to experts, it's also better to avoid vaginal douching, which can clean itself and doesn't need to be done from the inside. For maintaining proper hygiene in intimate areas, a gentle soap and water work best.

Avoid dangerous sexual behaviors

Experts also stress the importance of avoiding risky sexual behaviors and not agreeing to intercourse without prior testing for sexually transmitted diseases. "It's important to talk about laboratory tests and ask if this person has suffered from warts or herpes in the past" - comments Dr. Greves.

The gynecologist also appealed for not treating oneself, especially when symptoms, such as itching or burning of intimate areas, occur for the first time. Taking inappropriate preparations can worsen the situation, and also prolong the treatment process.

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