LifestyleShe had a mishap at the gym. The video leaked online

She had a mishap at the gym. The video leaked online

The TikToker showed a funny gym video.
The TikToker showed a funny gym video.
Images source: © TikTok | jackieeeplaza

12:50 PM EDT, September 29, 2023, updated: 9:15 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

The TikToker who runs the profile under the pseudonym jackieeeplaza is a regular gym-goer. Recently, she shared a funny moment in which she had a significant slip-up while performing squats with a barbell. "This is my biggest fear," admitted one of the commentators.

Sharing the workouts they do is incredibly popular on social media. Many people post recordings, in which they show what their daily exercise routine looks like. Internet users also boast about their achievements and sportswear, as well as explain what to remember when in the gym.

The TikToker had a mishap at the gym. She showed the recording

Some also opt to post content with a twinkle in their eye. Among them is a TikToker who publishes under the pseudonym jackieeeplaza. She posted a video which rapidly became a hit on social media. It has already been viewed by over five million users.

A regular at the gym, who often demonstrates how to perform exercises and posts motivational videos, this time showed that accidents can easily happen at the gym. During a short, half-minute clip, she was doing squats with a barbell. She was wearing tight, trendy leggings. Unfortunately - when she lowered herself with the weight, the elastic in the crotch of her pants suddenly broke, and the woman lost her balance. At the last moment, a man who happened to be next to her caught her.

"This is my biggest fear", "It sounded like it hurt"

Over three thousand comments appeared under the video. Netizens sympathized with the unfortunate TikToker, but they were also exceptionally amused by her mishap. "That snap sounded like it hurt. It's like someone shot a rubber band" - wrote one user. "This is my biggest fear, so in the morning, before going to the gym, I do a deep squat and check if everything holds up" - another admitted.

Many people also emphasized that they do not wear such an outfit to the gym. "Why would someone insist on wearing something so uncomfortable, I don't understand", "Now I wear these leggings during regular everyday runs. But when it comes to leg exercises, it's either shorts or sweatpants" - we read in the comments.

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