LifestyleShe had 300 lovers in a year. She talks about how her parents react

She had 300 lovers in a year. She talks about how her parents react

Annie's father found out about her colorful intimate life from the media.
Annie's father found out about her colorful intimate life from the media.
Images source: © Instagram | @anniekknight

3:05 PM EDT, October 25, 2023

26-year-old Annie Knight from Australia publicly admitted that she had slept with over 300 people of various genders in one year. This came as a surprise to many, including her father, who learned about everything from a journalist. His reaction will surprise many.

The sex life of 26-year-old Annie Knight from Australia is extremely colorful. The young woman is a star of an adult website. She recently revealed that she had over 300 sexual partners in a year.

Her father had no idea about anything. He learned the truth from journalists.

He learned the truth about his daughter's private life

When Annie Knight talked about the background of her rich private life, the Australian "Daily Mail" decided to contact the girl's father. The journalists asked Simon Knight for a comment

It came to light that the man has no idea about his own daughter's career. He was convinced that Annie works in marketing.

Annie explained that she did not want to deceive her parents. As she claims, her old-fashioned father simply did not understand her online activities.

He knows that I am involved with social media: Instagram and TikTok, but I had to explain what OnlyFans is – the woman confessed.

The girl's father was exceptionally understanding. Annie Knight informed her fans on Instagram that things with her dad are heading in the right direction.

The 26-year-old revealed that her father supports her and is happy that his daughter is happy. Annie's mother also shares a similar opinion, seeing nothing wrong in the fact that her daughter earns a lot of money and is happy for this reason.

The boss fired her from work

Not everyone, however, showed as much understanding as her parents did. When the matter gained publicity, the boss found her video on an adult portal, and subsequently decided to terminate the contract with her.

They said I falsely reported that I was conducting a side business, for which I did not ask the company for permission, and also posted my pornographic photos on the internet, using vulgar language contrary to the company's rules — explained Annie.
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