LifestyleShe gave birth to a very large baby. The result? Eyes like from a horror

She gave birth to a very large baby. The result? Eyes like from a horror

The woman gave birth to a very large baby, which led to unexpected complications.
The woman gave birth to a very large baby, which led to unexpected complications.
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11:53 AM EDT, October 25, 2023

Maira, who regularly posts on TikTok, showed a video of her son's birth. The woman did not expect that the large size of the child would change the appearance of her eyes.

Maira, who gave birth to a son a few weeks ago, bragged on TikTok with a video from the hospital. At the beginning of the video, you can see all the preparations for the birth and relaxation and care treatments. The woman wanted to feel her best, and her husband even straightened her hair for her.

Bloodshot eyes after childbirth

However, the birth was not easy. Maira did not expect what she would look like after her son came into the world.

The woman's son was very large, which made Maira have to push hard. In turn, this led to the bursting of blood vessels in her eyes. The recording shows that her eyeballs were almost completely red after giving birth.

That day I gave birth to the biggest child. Every blood vessel on my face exploded - the woman wrote on TikTok.

Maira showed off her big baby boy. She had to put socks on his hands so he wouldn't scratch himself because "his hands were too big for mittens".

The video of the newly minted-mom was viewed over 4.1 million times. There were dozens of comments from horrified netizens who couldn't believe that such things happen during childbirth. Several women confessed that they too had gone through real torment because of having too big babies.

The same thing also happened during my childbirth, but the child was not that big. A terrifying sight
My child weighed 11 lbs and the doctor asked if I perhaps have a backpack, because the child is essentially ready for school
At the moment when I thought I could not be more afraid of giving birth
The same thing happened to me. People were looking at me strangely and thought someone had hit me - we read in the comments.

The author of the video also spoke up in one of the comments. Since many people were worried about her condition, she assured them that the broken vessels were nothing serious. She also added that she was partially to blame because she pushed at the wrong time. "I was pushing all the time. I just wanted to give birth because everything hurt due to his size," she summarized.

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